Our Commitment to Pupils and Parents

Star Academies makes a pledge of excellence to every parent or carer who chooses to send their child to a Star school. We pledge:

High expectations

十大正规网赌网址对学生有最高的期望. We expect all of our students to attend school on time every day, ready to learn and achieve.

十大正规网赌网址的学校提供安全、专注和快乐的学习环境. 优秀的行为可以提高学生的学习能力. 十大正规网赌网址在全校范围内坚定地执行十大正规网赌网址的行为政策. 十大正规网赌网址的学生行为准则规定了十大正规网赌网址所期望的高标准的行为. 当十大正规网赌网址的学生表现良好时,十大正规网赌网址是积极的, 但对不当行为有明确的后果,对霸凌行为零容忍, 辱骂或歧视性语言和暴力. 十大正规网赌网址学校里所有的成年人都以十大正规网赌网址期望的学生的积极行为为榜样. 同样,十大正规网赌网址希望十大正规网赌网址的父母在家里加强这些行为.

十大正规网赌网址努力在全校营造一种胸怀大志的文化. We set ambitious targets for every student. Our aim is that every student should achieve at least a grade higher than the national expectation in each phase of their learning. Staff, students and parents are involved in the whole process of setting the targets and are expected to take responsibility for them once they are agreed.


Star的课程是广泛和平衡的,强调学术上的成功. Our schools prioritise learning in Literacy, Numeracy, Languages, Humanities and Science. 十大正规网赌网址的课程既连贯又累积, 强调了知识获取的重要性. Our students are required to read extensively from a broad range of high quality and increasingly challenging literary and technical material across all disciplines.

十大正规网赌网址的课程旨在培养全面发展的学生, intelligent and socially-aware students, 但它也是为提供优秀的学术成绩而量身定制的. Regardless of background or prior ability, 十大正规网赌网址的目标是确保所有学生获得最好的结果, 确保十大正规网赌网址的课程在每个阶段都为未来的学习打下坚实的基础.


十大正规网赌网址的教学方法是传统的——好老师, with sound subject knowledge, 领导课堂,提供集中的课程. 所有课程都经过了复杂的规划,并考虑到最佳实践的模型. Our teaching staff develop innovative and highly successful approaches to sustain students’ interest. 这使十大正规网赌网址能够推动可能的边界,以实现不可能.

十大正规网赌网址对每个孩子都有最高的期望. Every child at a Star school has their progress closely monitored to ensure they are always meeting their – and our – high expectations. After each assessment, targets are set for every student and appropriate interventions and personalised ‘catch-up’ activities are planned. 目标会根据学生的成绩定期复习和修改.

We send home report cards five times a year to ensure that parents are kept abreast of their child’s progress and are immediately informed if any issues arise. We meet parents whose child is at risk of not achieving their potential after each report card. 学生们因为他们的成功而受到庆祝和奖励,但是, just as importantly, 如果有令人担忧的原因,十大正规网赌网址会立即采取个性化的方法进行干预.


We believe that the most effective learning goes hand-in-hand with the most inspirational teaching, 这就是为什么十大正规网赌网址的老师是业内最好的. They are highly motivated and benefit from extensive training and continued professional development. 这种支持意味着他们为学生提供最好的结果, helping them to realise their potential.

A rich and diverse leadership programme that grows character and inspires charitable and social action

Our R-18 Leadership Framework is designed to instil the three interdependent Star leadership virtues of Performance Leadership, Moral Leadership and Civic Leadership – characteristics that together ensure our students not only ‘do their best’ but ‘do the right thing’ and play a full role in society.

这个架构设定了十大正规网赌网址发展领导力的重点, 列出全面发展所需的关键能力, 未来有道德和成就的领导者.

通过发展绩效领导能力, we equip our students with the skills to realise their potential for excellence in any performance-related environment. Programmes in sports, 创意艺术和创业精神为建立韧性提供了强大的机会, 培养创造力,开发领导潜力. 十大正规网赌网址的职业和大学提供的重点是技能, experience and qualifications required by leading employers and prestigious universities. 通过这个全面的绩效领导计划, 学生们了解到成功在很大程度上取决于努力, diligence, perseverance, a strong work ethic, mental toughness, 自律和保持积极态度的持久能力.

An effective leader does not, however, rely on results alone and – by emphasising the importance of Moral Leadership – our students grow to value the traits of integrity, justice, equity, caring, respect and cooperation; all of which are needed for successful interpersonal relationships and ethical conduct. Our Ethics and Values Programme provides learning opportunities for our students to work through real life ethical dilemmas and challenges and engage in debates and public speaking – activities which foster a respect for others, 伦理反思和批判意识.

Our focus on Civic Leadership develops a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability and accentuates the importance of citizenship, charity and social action. 学生们从小就体会到社区志愿服务的好处. Our project-based civic curriculum teaches young people critical life-long leadership skills such as collaboration, resourcefulness and accountability. Students take on increasingly responsible leadership roles that culminate in Civic Leadership Projects in which they identify a community concern, and then plan, execute and evaluate a project to address it. “回馈社会”是十大正规网赌网址的哲学和所有学生的基础, from the youngest to the oldest, 他还喜欢为英国和其他国家的慈善机构策划创新的筹款方式. Together, these opportunities for civic and charitable activities seek to nurture a growing sense of agency and connect our students constructively to their community.

Our Leadership Lecture series brings together highly-successful leaders from the worlds of business, 体现业绩的政治和公共部门, moral and civic leadership. 中学学生从100多个本地的成功故事中获益, regional and national leaders, and primary school students have an opportunity to engage with up to 50 influential keynote speakers. 这些有抱负的榜样提供了现实世界的建议, achieving and surpassing personal goals, 培养学生的进取心和自我激励能力.

通过参与十大正规网赌网址独特的领导力课程, 学生们努力确保明星领导的核心美德. The R-18 Framework recognises students’ accomplishments and accredits the leadership skills, 顶尖大学和雇主所追求的知识和品质, feeding directly into our vision of 培养今天的年轻人,激励明天的领导者.

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